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Common FAQs

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend RRLS?

No, you do not have to be a Lutheran or a member of Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church to attend RRLS. We welcome all children to learn and grow with us, while teaching according to our Lutheran faith.

Do you teach to the Common Core standards? What standards to you use in Preschool?

At a minimum, we comply with the Early Learning and Developmental Standards for our Preschool programs and the Common Core state standards in K-8, as mandated by the State of Ohio Department of Education. From our preschool STEM program to our additional K-8 offerings, we are always reaching higher. As a Christ-centered school, where prayer and devotions are integrated throughout, the standards never conflict with our beliefs. RRLS is licensed and chartered by the State of Ohio Department of Education and nationally-accredited.

What are the credentials of your teaching staff?

Our talented staff are properly trained and licensed in accordance with the Ohio Department of Education. Many of our teachers are also called or synodically trained in Lutheran doctrine for the areas they instruct. Our teachers renew their instruction and are always learning — from special instruction for safety to best practices in learning through professional development.

How do you care for the whole child?

We recognize that students are successful when their needs are met. As such, we seek to provide students with healthy and helpful support systems. First, we offer support to families by providing care beyond the school hours in preschool and K-8 through our Extended Care program. Next, K-8 students can purchase delicious and nutritious hot lunches. Speech and language services and psychology referrals are available on campus once per week and/or depending on student needs. In addition, enrichment and intervention programs are offered to help students meet and exceed standards based on their abilities and God-given talents. Additional services are available through our partnership with Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, regardless of church membership.

If we are in need, how can we receive support with the cost of tuition and/or fees?

We work to support families in making the choice to attend RRLS, one that is not solely based on their financial situation. Financial aid is available for K-8 students whose families meet eligibility guidelines. Awards are based on need and are typically issued in the spring before the next school year begins. The greatest percentage of need is issued to those who qualify. Applications can be completed by visiting  A small processing fee is paid to TADS for tuition and financial service management.

K-8 Extended Care

Who can participate in the Extended Care program?

The Extended Care program is available to all registered K-8 students. Our registration form must be filled out prior to use of the Extended Care program.

How much does Extended Care cost?

Before care, 7:00-9:00AM, $5.00
After school care, 3:30-5:00PM, $5.00, 5:01-6:00pm, and additional $5.00
Late pick-ups are charged $1.00/minute after 6:00PM

These rates apply for any part of the time used. Extended Care statements will be posted on your TADS account. This program is eligible for families who have cafeteria plans or “Section 125” plans through their places of employment.

Where do you offer Extended Care?

Extended Care is primarily housed in the Gathering Room (off the Christian Activity Center entrance).  Other utilized spaces include the playground areas and the CAC (gymnasium).