Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

Student Life

Early Education




Kindergarten-8th grade

Each child, created by God, is a unique individual. Royal Redeemer Lutheran School provides an environment which develops a student’s potential as a child of God and as a responsible member of God’s world. The curriculum of Royal Redeemer Lutheran School provides a firm foundation in Religion and Bible Study, Language Arts, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology, Sciences, Health, Music, Physical Education and introduction to Spanish. The end result of the curriculum is for each child to be prepared to meet challenges of daily living with hope and a sense of purpose, while having confidence in his or her ability to continue learning and contributing to society. Each child will be treated with respect and love. The program is geared to incorporate activities relevant to the student’s individual needs. The school, church, and home will establish a cooperative partnership to lead the student to a knowledge and love of God and a life lived in a truly Christian manner.


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