5 year olds

Bridge to Kindergarten

5’s Classes Meet:

5 days: M-F 9am-12:00pm or 12:30-3:30pm for half days or 9am-3:30pm for full days

5’s classes are 1:7ratio

Children must be 5 years by September 30th


We also offer before school care from 7am -9am and after school care from 3:30pm-6pm

In addition, full day tuition will include use of our extended care and enrichment programs.


Five year olds are working on strengthening academic skills as well as social skills.  Their activities focus on higher level thinking skills, responsibility in actions and work, more pencil/paper activities, “reading” units, and learning about the world around them.  They continue to develop cognitive, large motor, fine motor, and listening skills.  Some activities include: 

  • Jesus Time and Chapel — learning Old Testament and New
  • Testament Bible stories, how we treat one another, learning to pray, weekly Chapel, and how to act the Jesus Way! 
  • Math readiness — numbers, rote counting, counting with
    1:1 correspondence; copy and extending patterns
  • Science and Social Studies units/themes with cause and effect experiments and hands-on activities
  • Reading Readiness and literacy units—readiness activities
    focusing on comprehension and beginning phonics, rhyming, positional words, etc.
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Skills
  • Music— singing, coordinated movements, and performances
  • Large motor skills — using all kinds of “gym” equipment and our fun playground!
  • Physical Education class with PE Teacher
  • Developing fine motor skills, art activities, writing name,
    alphabet, word journals, and more precise scissor skills
  • I Pad Technology
  • Field trips and in-house programs
  • Special theme days —Pre-K Café, Dr. Seuss’ birthday
    celebration and more
  • Media Center-Story time and borrowing library books weekly with Media Specialist
  • In addition to the above curriculum, our early education program
  • emphasizes:
  • Social development — sharing, taking turns, solving problems with appropriate verbal skills, courtesy in speech and manner
  • Listening experiences, learning routines, increasing attention span, accepting change in routine, following multi-step directions, and working together in groups


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