Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

School Board

Accountability For The School

 Royal Redeemer Lutheran School has been established by Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church to carry out its mission of Making and Growing Disciples. The School Board has instituted Policy Based Governance. The Preschool Director is accountable to the School Principal. The Principal is accountable to the School Board. The School Board is accountable to the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is accountable to RoyalRedeemer’s congregation. All accountability is done for the blessing and benefit of all of God’s people.

If a conflict or concern should arise, initial communication should go through to the related group or individual directly, in accordance with Matthew 18. Following, the next step would be to go to the next group or individual with the next level of accountability, also in keeping with Matthew 18. Matters to be addressed by the School Board must be presented in writing to the Board President via email at, as needed. Current School Board President is Mr. Frank Stranscak.

Board of Education Members

Frank Stranscak
Dane Albright

Kim Boehm
Dr. Allan Boike
Jan Likowski



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