Royal Redeemer Lutheran School



     The cross is a symbol of the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. By this cross people are given the gift ofeverlasting life in heaven.  It is fitting that the cross be present where Christians are in fellowship with one another. 

     This particular cross is made of three types of wood.  These three bands of wood may remind Believers of the three persons in the Triune God:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The ends of the cross form arrows.  God’s love radiates from the cross.  His people, by the power of the cross, are moved to “the ends of the earth” as they reflect God’s love in their lives.  The Holy Spirit works in them and through them to effect change in others’ lives.

     Royal Redeemer Lutheran School exists for the purpose of nurturing the Christian Faith of Believers while also introducing God’s Word to those who do not yet have saving faith.   Some students have had the opportunity to be part of this ministry since preschool or Kindergarten.  As a result, they have been given the privilege of receiving God’s Word in their lives on a daily basis for many years.  They have grown in their faith or have come to saving faith.  Now, as they graduate from Eighth Grade, we remember them and the partnership we shared with their parents over the years. 

      The frame and cross were gifts from the Class of 2007 which was the first graduating class having the opportunity to participate in this ministry from preschool through Eighth Grade. Their names are as follows:  Nick Artman, Lauren Boike, Gabe Chuna, Jessica Dukles, Evan Duncan, Carolyn Fertal, Alison Kolosionek, Kerrie Kovar, Chad Kronenberger, Alexa Nickell, Sarah Richter, Thomas Sawyer, Kelsey Shearer, Scott Thomas, Camden Vespoli, Joy Walker, Josh Zahrte, and Courtney Zanotti.   


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