Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade! We are very excited for the new school year and for your child to be here at RRLS. This year we will be working together to not only grow in our love of learning, but also in our faith in God. Students will be getting their Adventure Bibles this year to go along with our Religion curriculum, which is very exciting! They will practice looking up many different Bible verses and stories throughout the year. 

Third Grade is a special year for many reasons. First, this is the year that letter grades begin. Our students always take pride in their work and its exciting for them to see how well they do! Second, multiplication is a big part of third grade. They will learn and practice all the facts by singing songs, playing games, and taking timed tests! Another reason Third Grade is special is that the students learn to write in cursive. It is a fun skill for them to learn in the second half of our year! Finally, our third graders get to participate in a project called the Wax Museum at the end of the year. They choose one well-known person to research and read about. Not only do they read/write about them, they also get to dress and act like them! It is a fun way to learn about biographies and practice making speeches.

It will be a great year ahead in Third Grade, with God by our side!

God's Blessings,

Miss Thomay

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