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Take a moment to imagine the kindergarten world: letters, numbers, stories, sharing blocks, puzzles, play, paint and playdough. Imagination and creativity are everywhere. Kindergarten is a year of growing socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.   While I strive to make learning fun by providing lots of hands-on, developmentally-appropriate experiences, our kindergartners are held accountable for meeting and/or exceeding statewide standards.  

The love of Jesus Christ our Lord is integrated into all that is taught in our classroom. 



                           I love teaching and I love my kindergarten kids!    




5 Key Areas of Kindergarten

Phonics = Matching our Scripture memory work to word sounds we are learning in our Saxon Phonics program helps our students to not only become great readers, but to write God’s Word on our hearts, no matter how young we are!

Daily Meeting Board = Engages our students as they practice math concepts we’ve learned and expand them to daily ways we use math in our everyday world.  This includes logical reasoning with math problem of the day, tally marks, weather graphing, number sequence, number patterns and more!

Reading = We have a reading specialist who provides small group reading lessons away from the distraction of the classroom.  Students from all three classrooms are evaluated and placed into reading groups.  These groups remain quite fluid so that students can progress at their individual pace or receive additional support in challenging areas.  In the spring, we have a reading incentive program called “Read Around the Candy Shop.”  Students begin book reports and receive “sweet” incentives for each report completed.  We also participate in Accelerated Reader, an on-line program helping to support comprehension and vocabulary.

Art = Arts Attack interactive DVD’s introduce students to famous artists and artwork while inviting students to try their hand at the artist’s particular style and method.  In addition to Arts Attack students participate in directed art lessons from TLC.  “The TLC directed art lessons are designed to help the children develop their self confidence and creative ability. The children are given only squares and rectangles to create pictures. The children learn to cut circles, ovals and triangles from squares and rectangles. They learn how things fit together, can be transformed, and can be taken apart. Once they have an understanding of how shapes work they become creative. All of the children begin with the same materials and follow the same directions, but the results are individual and no two creations look alike.”

Math= As a class we engage in hands-on math lessons.  Children explore abstract concepts by using hands-on experiences with many manipulatives to help master math procedures.  We participate in Super Star Math and math journaling later in the year.  And practice new skills daily in our Daily Meeting Board time.


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