Fourth Grade

Welcome to the fourth grade!  There is so much to explore in the wonderful creation God has provided for us! To find out more about fourth grade's weekly studies and upcoming events, visit our class website at Check back often to discover weekly updates, new website links, and learning games.

Hello fourth graders, families, and friends!  This year will be bursting with knowledge as we grow and learn together about the wonders of God’s creation.  Fourth grade is a great place to have fun exploring science, Ohio state history, mathematics, and language arts.  We will engage in learning enrichment activities such as conversational Spanish and have a chance to be creative in visual arts and music class.  Many students will, also, have their first experiences with playing in band.  As a fourth grade family, we will learn to work together and appreciate one another through cooperative learning activities and enjoy the benefits of technology through the use of the Smartboard and media center.  May God richly bless our time together!

Five Unique Characteristics About 4th Grade:

1. Fourth grade is a year to focus on studying about Ohio History.  Classroom activities give students hands on opportunities to learn about the growth of Ohio from its humble origin through issues faced by the state today.  Students also learn about local, national, and state government as they simulate the election process through sharing speeches and a classroom election and visit our state capitol on their first extended day field trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit the Ohio Statehouse and COSI.

2. Students likewise have an opportunity to explore the states and capitals throughout the United States of America.  As students learn all 50 states and capitals, they become experts on one state and share their new knowledge with their classmates through interactive presentations.  The culmination of learning about our great country is with the students creating three dimensional models of an important building or monument located along the National Mall in Washington D.C. and presenting a paper about the information they discovered during their research.

3. Fourth graders are budding scientists as they explore topics of life, earth, and physical sciences through hands on experiences.  Students learn about weather by becoming a meteorologist for a day, manipulate shifting edible tectonic plates, and reach for the stars in a portable planetarium experience called Star Lab.

4. Students expand their understanding of mathematical concepts through their first efforts learning multiple digit multiplication, long division concepts, and how to add, subtract, and compare fractions.

5. During the fourth grade school year, students have a chance to share the love of God with members of their community.  Each year the students prepare a Christmas pageant filled with God’s Word and songs for local area nursing home residents.  Students also have sent letters of encouragement to military personnel, craft projects to Meals On Wheels recipients, and cards to Shut-In church members.

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